Guest Post: Progressive Etudes

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn (MA Sociology: Qualitative Research, 1999) is a best-selling author and artist with considerable experience in creative media. In 2012, she launched her own independent press, Labour of Love, via Kindle. Subsequently, Stephanie has cultivated five best-sellers in the domains of the arts, natural healing and humanitarian education. Successful titles include the ‘Human Matrix’ trilogy and music biography ‘Incendiary Soul’. Stephanie supports the research of her own hospital charity, St. Thomas’ Lupus Trust, and her current project includes the development of Humanitarian Webs.

This guest blog offers a precis of book titles published by Labour of Love with focus on two recent releases from December 2017.

Progressive Humanist Publications

Stephanie Lynne”s new-humanist work resonates with the predicament of Gaia. The narrative insights of the author illuminate the insularity, fragility and potential transience of humans. Persistent themes evoked through her extensive catalogue of humanistic vignettes counterbalance our uncertain age of philosophical crisis, interjecting the fraternal warmth of human spirit.

The ‘progressive etude’ book titles transcend the narrow determinism of the modern pessimistic cultural milieu. She presents an artistic corpus of work that is creative, yet pragmatic. Stephanie Lynne urges a social departure from dependence on passé mores and modes of thought, evoking a profusion of emotionally resonant, constructive resources. The Labour of Love catalogue seeks to illuminate fundamental human truths, imparting inspiration, hope and unity.

The intention of her work is to liberate fruition of human potential.

‘Spiritual Iconography- Existentialist Masters Collection’


Authored as a sincere labour of love, artist Stephanie Lynne has captured a selection of existential portraits representing Mother Earth’s finest hours. This is a succinct ‘four seasons’ collection of ecologically resonant vignettes, in support of the artist’s organic affinity with conservation.

The iconography harmonises the previously juxtaposed domains of spirituality and existentialism holistically. Existentialism as we shall see presents humanity with ultimate sanctum of surrender and acknowledgement of our most fundamental fears. Hence, mortality, sentience, abandon and entropy are all inherent themes.

Appeasement is found in homage to Gaia, offering the disenfranchised human heart a conduit towards re-connection with natural law. This multi-modal text lovingly opens out a dialectical ‘conversation’ with Mother Earth through the omnipotence of spiritual semiotics. A nuanced collection, integrating iconic art and poetic prose. Gifted to bohemian free spirits!

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‘Creativity, Ethics & the Doctoral Research Act’

Independent Graduate Research Companion: Gestalt Approaches


A humanistic etude, dedicated to education, welfare and well-being.

Stephanie Lynne is a holistic practitioner and Reiki Master who is publishing her post-graduate dissertation in education independently, outside the institutional context from which it was conceived. Her longitudinal research addresses women’s educational discourse conveyed through the lens of women’s health media.

Produced independently following a foundation in EdD research, the publication of this title affirms personal victory over adverse circumstances. It is delivered as a ‘solo act’ via autonomy offered by Labour of Love educational titles. Stephanie could not complete her EdD course, which she began following her MA at Goldsmiths, due to issues related to health, finance and supervision. Driven by ethical commitment, she applies her core research question regarding discourses of institutional hegemony versus ‘action competency’, to the wider matrix of education.

This graduate research companion applies the prerogative of the ‘sociological imagination’ aptly by attempting to generate an original contribution to the researcher’s field of study, observing complementary traditions of reflexivity, honesty and ‘vraisemblence’ in qualitative research. Pivotal topics discussed:

  • Fruition of core academic competencies; literature review and methodology
  • Student disability, critical pedagogy, the art of ‘constructive critique’ and the skill of ‘academic writing’ perceived as an evolutional process
  • ‘Creativity, Ethics & Doctoral Research’ raises fundamental questions regarding hegemony of the ‘scientific method,’ promoting Gestalt critical pedagogy

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Demographic relevance

A title of diverse interest to those involved equally in the professions of education, health and media studies: pragmatic recommendations pertain to the domain of educational policy and practice.


Special thanks are given to Goldsmiths Emeritus Professor David Silverman, to Prof Rosalind Gill and Prof Clive Seale.

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn

Stephanie has recently posted a blog on the celebration of 100 years of women’s right to vote, re-invoking the voice of Holocaust victim Anne Frank, which you can read here.