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Universal Self

Keywords: multidimensional space, code programming, visual effects
Materials: String / LED lights / Screens / Computer / Arduino / Touchdesigner

Background about 2.2M*1.8M and the Screen is 27 inch

In today’s digital age, the rapid advancement of technology has brought us unprecedented opportunities and challenges. With the continuous evolution of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and virtual reality, we find ourselves in an era of a diverse universe, where different layers of reality and virtual worlds are intertwining. This concept of a diverse universe has sparked profound reflections on our self, existence, and reality. The core focus of my graduation project is to delve deep into the concept of the diverse universe, allowing users to interact with different selves in various universes and showcasing the unique characteristics and personalities of each universe. Whether it’s color, shadows, fluidity, or particles, each universe represents a distinct self-form. Through interactions with different universes, we hope users can contemplate the meaning of their own existence more profoundly and encourage them to expand their imagination to explore the infinite possibilities within the diverse universe.


“Universal Self” delves into the diversity and multiplicity of self-identity within a multidimensional universe. By showcasing the connections and disparities among various forms, I aim to convey the message that every individual is a complex and unique entity shaped by different universes, experiences, and influences. Each person possesses limitless potential and can discover and manifest themselves through various forms.