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Yifan Hang


carbon emission of streaming media; environmental sustainability; physical computing
Esp32 and other electronic components ; Silicone

150*100 cm

Everyone is unconsciously devouring pixels and shitting CO2. RE- solution is an interactive installation, critically mapping this horrible fact of the streaming media industry from the environmental sustainability perspective. This project creates a digestive machine to redefine the object of resolution as the audienceā€˜s insatiable desire for details and entertainment, more than just the clarity of images. Under the intentional limitation of the hand-made camera, the viewer has to take photos in a low-resolution mode, otherwise, it will fart on you. It promotes a vintage, wierd and eco-friendly aesthetic.

As a photographer, Yifan Hang uses pixels as her basic unit for observing the world. She usually draws inspiration from everyday scenes that are easily overlooked and reconstruct the narrative with a poetic aesthetic. After 4 years of study of audio-visual language in BA Radio and Television, Hang has embarked on a new journey of creative coding to explore more possibilities of “point of view” and “composition” of image-making. Hang is currently pursuing an MFA degree in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London. In this interdisciplinary field, she is engaged in cross-media art practices that span from experimental moving images to physical installations. By using programming technologies and interactive experience, Hang tries to uncover the essence of images and challenge traditional image patterns within the context of image media culture.