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Yunxian Wang

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Keywords: Physical installation, Sound-based, Projection
Material: foamboard,plastic,balloons,mirror paper,Arduino


You may initially resist, fueled by determination, yet the relentless struggle will eventually lead to exhaustion and surrender. This interactive installation delves into the phenomenon of herd behavior through an economic lens, drawing parallels between the patterns of a bubble economy and the behaviors of organism-like creatures. By constructing a biological model, the installation vividly portrays the contemporary reality of individuals entrapped within the grasp of the bubble economy, stripped of agency and influence. The installation’s primary objective is to evoke a sense of empathy within the audience, inviting them to recognize their own roles as unwitting participants, much like sheep succumbing to various trends. The overarching intention is to ignite contemplation on the pervasive sway of these trends, prompting viewers to contemplate and embrace independent thought.

About Yunxian Wang

Yunxian is an ongoing explorer of diverse topics, examining the relationship between personal identity and awakening, people and their environment/animals, and social environments and institutions. Her current practice is based on observing social situations and personal experiences, reflecting on the relationship between people and the environment, and tends to inspire people to think through interactive experiences.