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Yuanyu Li


Keywords: childhood, war, castle
Materials: Thermal printer, Acrylic, TV, Projection

Utilizing my childhood photos as AI training data, the birth of Aria—an AI descendant—occurs. This immersive space allows one to delve into Aria’s cognitive realm, offering a glimpse into the AI-infused child’s artistry. Driven by a vast collection of children’s spontaneous artworks, Aria’s training births a fusion of replicated and original artistic expressions. However, the initial sketches seem to have shed their distinct “auras.” Through active participation, individuals engage in the re-creation and datasets of AI-generated art, thereby becoming integral to the creation process. This undertaking is designed to challenge conventional perceptions of AI-generated art by amalgamating the output of artificial intelligence with the artistic expressions of children. Its purpose is to fuel discussions that probe the impact of artificial intelligence on the realm of art, prompting audiences to engage in profound introspection. At the same time, This process of nurturing Aria bears subtle allegorical hints of parental cultivation, inciting contemplation on the boundaries of true freedom within the act of fostering.

About Yuanyu Li

I have had a strong interest in SPACE design since my childhood. I was eager to change the bare concrete walls, just as I was eager to paint on a white drawing board. Every time I walked into a mall, a welldecorated store or an art gallery, I would feel a different temperament. I seemed to be able to sense the kind of emotional experience the designer behind the design was trying to convey to the individuals watching .It was a feeling of happiness that fascinated me. I began to think about how to use artistic design techniques to influence people’s psychology.