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Yike Hu


Keywords: Ecologism, Sustainable, Nature
Materials: Mixed Media, Paper


I plucked a dandelion fair, Set it free in the open air. Tiny parachutes took flight, Dancing in the soft daylight. Ballerinas in the breeze, Nature’s waltz among the trees. Gently they returned to the ground, In the soil’s embrace, they’re found. In the future when summer arrives anew, Dandelions bloom, skies so blue. Another I’ll pick, dreams to share, Blow and let hopes fill the air.

About Yike Hu

Yike is a Chinese artist currently based in London. With a background in communication and advertising, she is dedicated to expressing her view and thoughts to the audience through her art works. Growing up in a family where her mother studied architecture while her father worked in environmental-related industries, she developed a strong interest in ecological themes. She aspires to create projects that revolve around the concept of ecology, leveraging her artistic skills to convey her deep passion for the environment.

Through her artwork, she explores the concept of an ecological utopia and the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. By combining innovative technologies and materials, she creates immersive installations that encourage audience interaction and contemplation. Her intention is to inspire people to reflect upon their relationship with the nature and to recognize the importance of personal and collective action in building a sustainable future. She firmly believes in the power of art to transcend language and cultural barriers, evoking emotional resonance and fostering a collective desire for a better and more sustainable world.