SSO#1: Sonic Entanglements: Jamaica, Europe and Brazil

This event was hosted at Goldsmiths on the 16 January 2016 as part of the Sound System Outernational conference series.

The first Sound System Outernational event focused on historical and social features, performance techniques, the distinctive technological apparatus and the different music styles that make the global sound system culture. Originating in Jamaica in the late 1950s, the vibes of sound system culture now resonate on an international scale, scattered across a diasporic network of hand-crafted technologies and radical sonic practices.

The symposium contributed to the understanding of sound system as a global cultural phenomenon, with researchers, journalists, soundmen and sound women from Brazil, Italy and across the UK. The day was met with overwhelming support from the sound system community.


  • Forging partnerships and associations with those entities already operating in the field, including Sound System Culture (Madeep Samra) and Echoes magazine (John Masouri)
  • Inviting acknowledged professionals and experts in the field, such as David Katz (author, ‘Solid Foundation’), Michael McMillan (‘Rockers, Soulheads and Lovers’ exhibition curator) and Pax Nindi (Global Carnival Centre)
  • Paying respect to the elders in the sound world, such as Everald Campbell, son of Count Suckle
  • Involving local to Goldsmiths sound systems, such as Young Warrior (Son of Jah Shaka) and Soft Wax (Deptford Dub Club)
  • Inviting an outernational line up of speakers, such as Brian D’Aquino (Bababoom Hi Fi, Italy), Nadine Dogliani (Echotronix Sound System, Italy) Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner (Tetine / Slum Dunk Radio, Brazil) and Leo Vidigal (Diskareggae sound system, UFMG University, Brazil)