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Windrush: Arrival and Settlement (Exhibition)

October – December 2020  | The Broadway Theatre, Catford Rd, Catford, London SE6 4RU

An exhibition reimagining and recreating Windrush passenger landing cards and exploring the textiles of the Caribbean Front Room

Windrush: Arrival and Settlement exhibition image

Across Black History Month 2020, the windows of Catford’s iconic Broadway Theatre will be transformed into an exhibition space telling the compelling story of the passengers who arrived on the MV Empire Windrush and of post-war Caribbean settlement in the UK.

Presented in two parts, the exhibition displays recreations of 86 landing cards, representing each passenger who gave their proposed destination as a South London postcode, and an installation recreating a mid-century Caribbean Front Room.

Based on research by Goldsmiths historian, Dr John Price, the landing cards are reimagined versions of the original cards destroyed by the Home Office in 2010. The information they contain is derived from a transcription of the passenger list held at The National Archives.

The Caribbean front room has become a mythical space; a space remembered for its ornamentation, colour-clash and kitsch. Based on research by Goldsmiths designer, Rose Sinclair, the Caribbean Front Room installation recreates a mid-century Caribbean living room, with a special emphasis on textiles and craft.

Weaving Windrush (Workshops)

14 and 24 October 2020 | Online

Rose Sinclair invites you into her Caribbean Front Room for an online weaving workshop and opportunity to share migration stories

Weaving workshop

Participants will learn how to weave using a mini-loom while exploring the importance of craft and design to the story of post-war Caribbean settlement in the UK.

Beginning with the story of Windrush stowaway and dressmaker Evelyn Wauchope, as told by Rose, participants will be invited to share their own migration stories and reflections as they weave. Full details and registration info.

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