Call For Papers 2024: Reworlding – Anthropology in times of change

Reworlding – Anthropology in times of change

Image by  Eugenia Clara 

Dancing in our oceans for over half a billion years, jellyfish are renowned for their radical ability to adapt and regenerate. Thriving even in today’s damaged seas, they light the depths through a process of bioluminescence; a flash of possibility in the darkness. Like jellyfish, we too, can shed versions of ourselves and our world as we know it. Following Donna Haraway’s call to ‘story otherwise’ we look to the jellyfish as a symbol of regenerative potential. 

This year’s edition of the Anthways Journal invites anthropological contributions that explore reworlding in times of change. We are confronted with a multitude of crisis that disrupt and oftentimes endanger our worlds as we knew them – War, genocide, inflation, politics, and climate change.

In the face of poly-crisis, what role can anthropology play as a discipline, as a method, as a perspective?

How does anthropology address these issues?  

What might a regenerative and adaptive anthropology look like?

Is anthropology the jellyfish of the social sciences?  

Contributions for Issue4 can grapple with positive and negative stances on this and include a range of contexts. We especially encourage submission that looks at other than human aspects or that extends beyond civilisation. 

Image by Hermansyah

Guidelines for Submission

Pieces may follow two different formats – traditional articles (2000 – 5000), and shorts (500 – 1500):


This format is reserved for informal musings and reflections of what an ‘anthropologist’ can / should be and includes submissions between 500 – 1500 words. 


This format will host longer contributions, between 2000 – 5000 words, that extend engagement with the topic to some empirical research, discussion of theories or productive engagements with it that go beyond reflection. 

We invite multi-modal submissions and ask that you adhere to our wider submission guidelines which are available here.

Submissions for the October 2024 issue should be emailed to us by the deadline of 31th May 2024 at 

All submissions will be reviewed by the editorial team and we will be in touch with you to confirm contributions. Peer reviews will take place by late July

If you are from a different institution, please do consider sharing with us as we are happy to include your work in this and future issues. 

As a postgraduate journal, we invite submissions especially from those who are just diving into the anthropological waters for the first time and are keen to support you through the peer-review process with care. 

Please contact the editorial team with any questions or inquiries at: