Journal Team

M. D. A. Routledge (She/ They) is a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths College and from U.K. They completed their BA and MRes degrees at Goldsmiths College. Their PhD research is on Institutional Monogamy and Queer Polyamory in London, UK, looking at the interwoven ways institutionalised monogamy creates and sustains marginalisation and precarity and how people imagine the future. Other interests include creative methods, future modelling, queer research and queering research practice.

Administrator, Submissions Editor and Website Editor

Raechel Teitelbaum (They/ Them) is an MRes Visual Anthropology postgraduate research student at Goldsmiths and a visual artist from Syracuse, New York. Raechel graduated from Purchase College with a bachelor’s degree in ‘Media, Society, and the Arts’ in 2017. Raechel attended Metáfora Studio Arts Programs in Barcelona, where they completed an Advanced Studio Arts Diploma in 2019, after which they completed an MA in Digital Media: Image Making at Goldsmiths. For their PhD, Raechel is interested in collaboratively mapping collective queer worlding practices and the ways in which they are taking place in various queer eco-communities throughout Europe.

Marketing & Communications Officer

Sarah Ramadhita (She/They) is a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London. They received their MSc. in Social Psychology from LSE before obtaining their MA in Social Anthropology from SOAS with research interests in cultural identity, creativity, creative and social entrepreneurship and development. Their experience working in NGOs, Non-Profits and Government organisations implementing development programmes and conducting cultural research has inspired their current research. Their PhD explores the concepts of creativity and community development within the context of Indonesian traditional textiles as a creative industry and examines the diverse realities of experiencing creativity as a skill, tool and way of thinking.

Submissions Editor, Technical Editor 

Anna Rohmann (She/Her) scored a hat trick of MAs, each from a different country and in various fields, before starting her PhD in Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London. For her PhD, she currently explores diversity and inclusion in digital capitalism through financial technology. Her broader research interests lie at the intersection of the (digital) economy with gender, sexuality and social change. She recieved a DAAD scholarships to support her MA research on transnational identities and has written for the LACUS Journal and Economic Research Guardian among others.

Website Editor, Technical Editor, and Marketing & Communications Officer

Haya Alshahwani (she/her) is a student in MPhil/PhD Anthropology program at Goldsmiths college. Haya has an MA degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. She is interested in urban anthropology, ethnography, space, marginalized narrative, archives and archival research, in addition to society and political sociology of the Arab Gulf States. Haya is an active member of the BDS movement in Qatar and wider Gulf.


Previous Team Members

Larisa Carranza (She/ Her) is currently a Ph.D candidate in Social Anthropology at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Her current research explores how Salvadoran martyrdom shapes contemporary communities in relation to space, memory and hope. Larisa’s academic interests also include: transnationalism/diaspora, gender, identity, multimodal methodology, material and visual culture, social movements and online/digital communities.

Peer-Review Editor

Henrike Neuhaus (She/ They) undertakes her PhD research at Goldsmiths, University of London, exploring practices of care in the realm of Taekwondo in Buenos Aires through visual and creative methods. She transmits her knowledge and skills of anthropological filmmaking as an associate lecturer at Goldsmiths, and as associate and guest lecturer at both, the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and the University of San Martín (UNSAM). At the latter, she also served as a part of the organising board of the UNSAM Science Fair and Short Film Festival 2018 pushing the boundaries of academic engagement. In 2020 she commenced an Erasmus funded scholarly residency combining art, ethnography and pedagogy. She also organises research groups, co-founded the Latin America is Moving Collective and is co-editor of forthcoming special issues and books considering sport, ethics and (digital)-methods.

Peer-Review Editor

Harry Rodgers (He/ Him) is an MRes postgraduate research student of Anthropology. His BA was also studied at Goldsmiths College. His proposed PhD research project focuses on creativity, imagination, and ‘informal entrepreneurship’ within the Venezuelan diaspora living in Madrid, with a particular focus on the many digital lives of the diaspora. He is additionally involved in a collaborative ethnography of TikTok which has been ongoing since early 2021.

Website Editor, Peer-Review Editor, and Marketing & Communications Officer.

James Francis Cerretani

Previous Submissions Editor and Peer-Review Editor  

Dionysia Mylonaki (She/her) studies on the Mhil/PhD Visual Anthropology programme at Goldsmiths, University of London. She previously studied art, and as an artist, she has shown work intentionally. She also teaches media theory at the University of Hertfordshire. Her PhD research examines the role that austerity politics and the idea of an unmet modernity play in the reception of green energy development in Greece. She is interested in the ethics of energy transitions, as well as in land and locality as a terrain for resistance.

Web Editor

Cathy Nugent (she/her) is a final year Social Anthropology PhD candidate at Goldsmiths. Cathy’s research has been based in London, following the changing conditions, livelihoods and material complexities of the work of telecommunication engineers. The research is focused on infrastructure — how it is produced and who it is produced for.

Technical Editor