Our Peer-Review Process

Updating the peer-review process!

We believe in giving the opportunity to publish before, during and after PhD fieldwork. It is with this belief in mind that we have adopted a unique approach to peer-review.

Anyone that has submitted articles to a journal will know that it is a lengthy procedure and can take over a year to have research published at times. Some of this is down to academics peer-reviewing in their “free time” alongside heavy workloads as well as the often many layers journals have conventionally employed.

Catching mistakes and omissions is really important. Work being openly discussed and published in a timely manner is equally important! Therefore, we have streamlined our peer-review process! This means that the vast majority of peer-review will be completed by the PGR students that run the journal, additional oversight will be sought on a case by case basis, and taught course work marked by a department and edited following comment will be considered to have passed 2 layers of peer-review before reaching us.

We will be reviewing our process regularly to make sure we are doing what is best whilst also attempting to update peer-reviewing.

Image Credit: Raechel Teitelbaum