Support We Offer

Curatorial support  

We offer curatorial consultations where we can:  

  • Explore and fine tune project ideas to advance them to the proposal stage 
  • Sketch out timelines for the project
  • Factor practical and logistical aspects required for the installation and de-installation of a project
  • Develop promotional strategies, including reaching local community groups and target audiences

Locating suitable galleries and space  

We offer guidance on different types of galleries and spaces available outside of college including approaching local galleries, artist run project and unused spaces.  

  • We may also be able to put you in contact with spaces we have links with
  • We can also suggest broader categories of venue in line with the needs of specific projects such as theatres, dance studios, screening spaces etc.  

Funding advice and opportunities  

We do not provide direct project funding but can assist in:  

  • Recommending funding sources for arts projects
  • Reviewing funding applications
  • Advising in potential sponsor organisations
  • Reviewing approaches to potential sponsors

Promotion and publicity  

We promote public-facing exhibitions and events initiated by students and alumni, as well as those curated by the Exhibitions Hub, through our Instagram account @GoldExhibitions. Please follow to stay updated and get in touch if you’d like your project to be featured.

Audio Visual Equipment Loans  

We provide audio visual equipment loans to external projects that are not part of a course deliverable.  

We stock the following types of equipment:  

  • TVs  
  • Projectors  
  • Speakers  
  • Media Players  
  • Spotlights  
  • Headphones

We can provide a consultation on the types of audio-visual equipment a given project may require.   


If you are a current student, the college can cover you for public liability which is essential for external exhibitions. The relevant forms and risk assessments must be completed and approved for public liability insurance to be granted. Please get in touch with us for further details.  

In relation to audio visual equipment loans, we can help:  

  • Direct students to suitable insurance companies  
  • Check insurance statements or quotes