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Writing Course in Paris

Alexandra-Debora Negru spent nearly two months of her summer in the magical Paris, France attending a fiction writing course at the American University of Paris.

Blair Waldorf once said, “If you are sad, you might as well be sad in Paris” She was so right.

a young woman in white dress smiling at the camera with the eiffel tower in the background on a sunny day

Going to a summer school in Paris was one of the best decisions I have ever made; it was beyond my expectations and certainly, a life-changing experience. When I first heard about the opportunity to go abroad for the summer, I instantly thought of Paris as it felt closer to my home country. I knew that I wanted to write more this summer, so I found a placement at the American University of Paris. They had a fiction writing course and the option to stay at their dorms, which I found very helpful in making friends and meeting new people.

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Selena at Gothenburg’s Summer School (Part Three)

Selena Carty, a BA History with Military History student attending the University of Gothenburg’s Summer School of Sustainability – the third and final part of her blog.

Week three has been a challenging one. Homesickness is a real feeling as being consumed with nothing but your thoughts and feelings with fresh air, foods, and space reminds me that I am in a foreign place. I love history and find myself immersed deeply into it here. Forging a new relationship with the planet and my sense of belonging.  Making so many connections to times past and present, understanding the length of the cosmopolitan cultural connectivity’s we all have, and maybe unaware of. Looking deeper into the relationships between humans, animals, plants, and all the elements and trying to make the connections between how reliant we are on all things found within the planet Earth. 

A picture of different coloured buildings in the distance on a bright sunny day.

Marstrand Island was a beautiful day out

Move night: ‘Push’ Directed by Fredrik Gertten presented the experiences globally of communities being pushed out of their homes and areas due to the imbalance of investors capitalising on equity of the future, with no regards to the present. England, Canada, Spain, Italy, France and Sweden were all featured within the film. Notting Hill and Grenfell Tower were also strongly featured. The voices of the communities and the collaboration of voices coming together being a powerful method for change. As it goes beyond race, gender, and age.

A woman reaching into a popcorn machine.

Fresh popcorn made on film night

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Amsterdam Summer Study

Lily James who is studying Law attended a summer course at the University of Amsterdam which was funded by Santander Universities.

After seeing various Go Abroad advertisements around campus, I decided to look online and explore potential opportunities with partner universities. I discovered one pre-existing pathway within the Law department, but it didn’t quite suit what I was looking for. Despite this, they were immediately enthusiastic to support me in seeking placements elsewhere if I could secure one independently. After some research, I found the perfect course at the University of Amsterdam and submitted my application. During the whole process, the Go Abroad department was incredibly supportive, giving information on available funding options and holding informative pre-departure meetings.  

First and foremost, my accommodation at the University of Amsterdam was incredible. I was located in a studio flat in the central Prinsengracht area, overlooking a beautiful canal. My entire class was placed in the same accommodation which made it much easier to make friends and settle in.

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Selena at Gothenburg’s Summer School (Part Two)

Selena Carty, a BA History with Military History student attending the University of Gothenburg’s Summer School of Sustainability – the second part of her blog.

Week one in Gothenburg, Sweden has created a calmness unfamiliar to me. Walking and the constant connection to nature has been having a tranquil impact on me. The fast pace of London is void here and is allowing me to have more time. I am a mother of a 13-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter, so being away from them also allows me to have isolated time that is unfamiliar to me. (I call them twice a day, just before school and after school to learn about how they slept and how their days were, all whilst sharing images and my experiences)  

The feeling of home isn’t lost on me. As once I feel comfortable, I can navigate without fear or concern and Gothenburg supports this feeling within me.  

Our first trip for Week 2 was to the Second-best amusement park in the European Star Awards, Liseberg, right here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Liseberg is celebrating 100 years of providing entertainment and excitement to the citizens of Gothenburg and its visitors. 

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