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Summer Study in Korea

Zahraa Basta, a MA Luxury Brand Management student, studied at Yonsei University in Korea over the summer funded by the Turing Scheme.

I sourced the placement myself. I knew I was interested to study in Yonsei University of Korea and keen to learn more about Korean culture with a hands on experience so already had a good starting point when considering applying for Go Abroad funding.

I had a great experience overall. People might think that living in Korea, we will face backlash if we don’t know Korean Language well but I did not face any of those issues. Rather, people were very helpful. The food and the friends I made very definitely a highlight along with all the knowledge I gained from doing the courses in the University.

My daily routine was filled with going to classes and exploring cafes and restaurants in my free time. As well as going to new places that thought me more about my course.

My top challenges were first acquiring a visa to Korea because I received it last minute. I missed the Orientation Day (first day) where I could have met more people. Finance was another issue as the funding provided was limited so I did have to spend a lot of my personal money while also paying rent back in London.

Personally, I gained a lot of knowledge regarding the Korean society and I now wish to purse a job in Korea.

Academically, I learnt things related to what I was learning in Goldsmiths and it helped me gain more experience and advantage in my CV for future job applications.

Advice/tips for other students going abroad

Financial plan is needed before going abroad. Also travel itinerary for the duration you stay in so you don’t miss out on any must visit places in that particular place you go to study at. I would also like to suggest to make as many local friends as possible as those will be the friends who will help you especially in a country where their first language is not your first language.