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How to write a great Go Abroad application

Whether you want to study, work, or volunteer, Go Abroad funding is competitive, so how do you write an application that stands out?

The Global Opportunities team offers their best application tips and tricks to give you the best shot at success.

Do your research

You need to explain why you have chosen that institution/organisation and why that particular country. What attracts you about your destination? Is there a specific part of the culture that you love? Does the institution/organisation do unique work? What would you gain here that you wouldn’t gain elsewhere?

If you’re applying to study abroad you may want to speak to the Erasmus Academic Coordinator in your department for advice on the institutions available.


Talk about yourself

Before you start your application, make a list of the skills and experience you have that makes you suitable for the placement you want to complete. Think about any travel you’ve done, any examples you have of adapting to new environments, or any expertise or interest in the specific areas of the placement. Make sure you incorporate all of these into your application!

Then, make a second list of all the skills and experience you want to gain from completing this placement. These can be very personal, as well as broader academic or career related aspirations. What in particular will you be doing on your placement that will help you achieve your goals?

Think about the future

Tell us about your long term plans. What do you want to achieve? Is there a particular job or industry you want to go into? Is there a particular module you want to study next year, or a dissertation topic? How will going abroad help?

Be concrete – make sure you connect your placement with your studies or career. Show us how it’s relevant!

It’s all in the detail

Tell us everything! Make sure you expand on your points. Remember that applications are competitive, so detail is your friend. Examples are really useful – highlight your experiences, and evidence the claims you make.

Show us your passion

We want to see that you care about this experience and opportunity. Tell us about how it matters to you and how it is going to make a difference. Don’t be afraid to show your excitement and personality – this isn’t an essay.

Proofread it

We consider spelling and punctuation! Make sure you read your application through before you click submit. Get someone else to read it too, whether it be a friend, relative, or academic/personal tutor.


The Global Opportunities team are here to support you with your application. Come along to our weekly drop in session in the Careers SPACE on Wednesdays between 9:30am and 12:30pm for help and advice.