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Since the summer of 2018 we’ve been working on redesigning, reorganising and rewriting the Library section of the Goldsmiths website to make it easier to find information about the Library.

New design

The Library landing pages are in our new design for services and information on that are being rollout out this academic year (they are also on and  These have been designed and tested, with the help of Library users, to highlight regularly used sections and bring forward useful information.

New page structure

Using the experience Library staff have of what students, staff and visitors want to know, and checking with our group of Library test users, we’ve reordered the pages.  Much of the main information has been updated and rewritten to make it clearer.

Library Search

We know many people go from Google to the Library landing page and then into Library Search.  You can now use Library Search straight from

Opening Hours and Live Chat

Even through the Library is normally open 24/7 most of our Library test users said they wanted to know the opening hours.  We now have them on the landing page, along with the green ‘Live Chat’ button so you can chat with Library staff during Help Desk opening hours.

Using the Library

This section has been expanded to cover everything you need to know about using the Goldsmiths Library, whether you a student, staff, alumni or a visitor.

It also has information on how to order items from other libraries, make suggestions for purchase, or the other libraries you can visit.

Subject Support

Goldsmiths has seven Subject Librarians who provide specialist advice across the academic subjects studied here. The Library landing page now has direct links into their Subject Guides.  They are also on the new Subject Support section, along with who the Librarians are and further support and advice.

Special Collections

Goldsmiths Special Collections are unique and valuable resources.  You can now access information on them from the navigation at the top of  We are going to be improving the pages for them, adding more information and details.

Were these changes helpful?

Most pages on now have a ‘Was this page helpful?’ box on the bottom right. Use this to send us feedback to help us to continue to improve the Library pages.  If there is a problem please take the time to tell us, so we can look into fixing it.

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