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Fundacja Cooperacja

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“Fundacja Cooperacja” (eng. Foundation Cooperation) was established to conduct activities aimed at education and socio-cultural integration at both a local and international level.

Our young organisation consists of an experienced team of people who have worked for the non-governmental sector serving the local community for years; while additionally maintaining a professional connection with public administration.

By cooperating together in Fundacja Cooperacja, we expand the cultural offer in the region and contribute to the cultivation of the local cultural traditions by organising interesting workshops, meetings, events and study visits— essentially by reaching out to areas where the access to the culture is limited. Additionally, we increase access to ‘high culture’ by organising study visits to cultural institutions, overcoming the distance built around them.

We protect cultural heritage by inspiring others with our passion for travelling and exploring the world and experiencing cultures; we cooperate in the international environment in all activities devoted to both integrating national and ethnic minorities into the local environment as well as in projects dedicated to important issues that can be solved globally. Furthermore, we stimulate social and civic activity by animating local communities of all ages and emphasise how important in everyday life is contact with nature and keeping good psycho-physical condition.
And why “Cooperacja”? Because we believe that to achieve goals and fulfil our mission, we should join efforts; by ourselves, we can achieve a lot, however, with the support of others – even more! That is why, when implementing any projects, we cooperate with local entrepreneurs, artists, cultural institutions, local governments, and we also collaborate internationally with organisations that have similar goals.
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