Training Resources (Section 3)

The third Protect Project training event focused on issues of online abuse including child sexual exploitation and cyberbullying as well as the mental health impacts of online abuse. We considered how professionals and parents can protect children and young people from harm and abuse online.

The youth workers who attended the event produced materials focused on cyberbullying and child sexual exploitation in their national context including comic strips, memes and videos. You can find examples of these below in each language, as well as some informational powerpoint presentations on CSE and cyberbullying.

These resources could be used by other youth workers to stimulate discussion with young people professionals or parents – or as a prompt for young people to develop their own videos, memes and comics based on their lived experience of these issues online.

Please see hyperlinked documents below:

United Kindom


Comic strip provided in English

PROTECT your Online Privacy Video, EN



Comic strip in French

PROTECT your Online Privacy Video, FR




Comic strip in Greek

PROTECT your Online Privacy Video, GR



Polish comic strip

PROTECT your Online Privacy Video, PL



Comic strip in Turkish

PROTECT your Online Privacy Video, TR

In this folder are some memes we created. You might use this to start a conversation with young people, professionals and parents, alternatively you can use them as examples for an activity to create your own memes, you can use a meme generating app which can be downloaded for free on your smart phone.