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Meet the Faces Behind the Scenes!

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Meet some of the individual team members, who together, make the Protect Project.

 Team members of Fundacja Cooperacja

fun. coop. team members: Monika = coordinator, Ewelina = promotion, dissemination
Ewelina (left) is the vice president of the foundation, who in this project deals with the promotion and dissemination of the activities.

Monika (right) is the president of the foundation, who also acts as the coordinator for Protect Project.

Team members at Goldsmiths University of London

goldsmiths team: from left to right: Naomi Thompson, Charlie Porter-Baker, and Apríl ÁgústudóttirNaomi Thompson (left) and Charlie Porter-Baker (middle) have practice and research expertise in youth and community work, and are both involved in the training of youth workers.

Apríl Ágústudóttir (right) is a psychodynamic therapist with a focus in child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Team members of Besiktas Municipality

photograph of both project coordinators, left: Ekin Danaci, right: Mem Ayman

F. Ekin danaci (left) and iIpek Memi̇k Ayman (right) share the responsibilities and coordinator duties of protect project.

Team member of Citizens in Power

photograph of team member of Citizens in Power

Menelaos has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Cyprus and a Master’s Degree in Global Studies with a major in Sociology from Lund University in Sweden. His interests within the field of studies focus on Social and Political Structures, Social Research, Global Crises and European Affairs. His role in C.I.P Citizens In Power as a Project Manager and Researcher is to handle Erasmus+ Projects and to organise the events and activities related to 6 different projects focused on 3 different sectors: Green Development, Cultural and creative sector, and Advancement of Minorities and Vulnerable Groups.

Team members of Pistes-Solidaires

Pistes-Solidaires team

Soha (left) has Master’s degrees in European International Studies and in Child Development Psychology. She has been working as a project manager at Pistes Solidaires since 2017.

Jutta (middle) has a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and a State Diploma in Youth Work and Project Development. She has worked as a youth worker since 2007 and joined Pistes Solidaires as project manager in 2014.

Mathieu (right) is the founder and director of Pistes Solidaires.